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Encyclical - Pope Francis - Light of Faith
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Encylical - Pope Francis - Care of our Home
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Apostolic Exhortation - Pope Francis - The Joy of Love
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Apostolic Exhortation - Pope Francis - Rejoice and be Glad
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Apostolic Exhortation - Pope Francis - Proclamation of the Gospel
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Diocese of Peoria Statement on the Supreme Ruling on Same Sex Marriages
PR 6-26-15 Supreme Court Ruling on Same [...]
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Festival Letter 2015 - Bishop Jenky - Consecrated Life
Festival Letter 2015.pdf
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Festival Letter 2016 - Bishop Jenky - Divine Mercy
Festival Letter 2016.pdf
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Festival Letter 2017 - Bishop Jenky - Choices
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Festival Letter 2018 - Bishop Jenky - St Joseph
Festival Letter 2018.pdf
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Catholic Teachings

Below are some internet links to basic sources of Catholic Teaching.

Without using some care in wording key searches, looking for teachings of the faith on the web can be misleading. This is espcially true when looking for information on moral issues. One must be careful where one goes to find information to aid in making a moral decision. Even some locations claiming to be Catholic can be misleading and not layout the Faith in the best manner.


1. Bibles -  Sacred Scripture

First, every good Christian Catholic needs a good Bible, and specifically a Catholic Bible. The New American Version (NAB) and the Revised Standard Version (RSV) English translations are considered the best. The Bible version used in the Catholic Liturgy is basically the NAB.

USCCB Books of the Bible - Bible

For a good daily read of the Bible, consider buying a Daily Roman Missal, or you can subscribe to a Catholic Publication such as the Magnificat. If you read the daily readings, in the course of 3 years (3 Sunday and 2 weekday cycles), you will have read about 30% of the Old Testament and 75% of the New Testament, but that provides the main story line of Salvation History throughout the Bible.


2. Catechisms - Magisterial authority (rooted in Sacred Tradition & Sacred Scripture)

The best and most comprehensive and complete source of the Christian faith is laid out in the Catechism of the Catolic Church: CCC

There are other resources and good summaries, such as the YOUCAT, or the Compendium: Catechism of the Catholic Church.