St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's 

Mailing Address:
231 W Atkinson St
PO Box 514
Sheffield, Illinois 61361

Phone: (815) 454-8062


Fr Miller-

Peggy Johnston-

bulletin editor- Tonya Yepsen


Parish Treasures

Our Children are our greatest treasures.

After our children, and all our parishioners, there are several other treasures

that are worth sharing.


When the 2 wings of the church were added in 1920, several of the long windows on the east and west sides were shortened for the wings underneath. The wings contain beautiful devotional windows depicting scenes in the life of the Holy Family. 


The Annunciation - south east corner
The Nativity - south west corner
The Presentation - east side
Joseph the carpenter teaching his son - west side
Jesus saving the lamb - north east side
Jesus teaching the children - north west side
John the Baptist with Jesus - Baptistry
Above the Pieta

The parish's organ is a Hinners, built in Pekin, Illinois. The organ was installed in 1917.